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5 reasons why you should listen to podcasts

By Kirsty / March 10, 2014

Ok, so I may be a little biased here or maybe even a little podcast crazy at the moment, since I have just launched my own podcast (details at the end of the post) but I do really love the shows and I wanted to give you 5 reasons why you should listen to them.

1.  They are FREE!

Yes, my favourite word, podcasts are free.  If there were ever any reason to just jump in there and give them a go, this is it, you will lose nothing, but you have so much opportunity to gain.  You can listen to them on iTunes if you have it installed or if you have an apple device, or Stitcher radio if you have android, or you can generally listen to them from the producer’s website.  Easy peasy.

2.  They are run by passionate people.

If you happen to come across a podcast you can pretty much bet that it’s being run by someone who has some deep passion for the topic.  Since we don’t get paid for podcasting, there has to be another reason we do it and that’s because we love getting the word out about our topics, talking about it and connecting with listeners and guests.

3. They are on so many different topics

It doesn’t matter if you love travel, comedy, business, self help, fitness, or any other genre, you’ll likely find something out there.  Once you make a start though, and then start going through and trying out the recommended podcasts that then come up you’ll never stop!  Can’t find one on your favourite topic?  You could always start your own podcast.  I’m setting up a resource page for new podcasters so take a look!

4.  You can listen to them on the go

Most people have mp3 players these days and with advancing technology we can play them in cars, listen to them as we walk and attach them to our stereos at home.  Once you’ve downloaded a show you can listen whenever you like, wherever you like.  I love having flexibility in my life.  Where do you like to listen to podcasts?  My favourite place is in the car and in the bath!

5.  You learn something new every day

As I said, these are run by passionate people, their guests can be the top people in the niche and the topics the ones that excite.  How can you not listen and learn something new every day?  I have learned so many tips about business and travel since I started listening, not to mention the language podcasts that we’ve tried!


So as you can see, I do love podcasts and I think you should love them too.  My new podcast launched this weekend and I’m super excited about it.  It comprises of 2 shows each week on a Monday and a Friday.  The Monday show will have something to think about in regards to your own dream and how to kickstart it, plus I give you an action point of something to do!  Then on Friday I showcase people who have lived their dream and talk to them about their path and what worked and didn’t.  Inspiration in bucket loads!

I’d love if you could check it out, subscribe or leave me a rating and review.  You can see it here on iTunes or check out the podcast category on the site where all the episodes and show notes are kept.

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