5 ways to wake up excited about your day

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When you’re in the zone with reaching your dreams you can quite easily imagine jumping out of bed with renewed vigour at the start of every day right? I’ll tell you now, now every day is like this, but follow these tips and you can help ensure you have more good mornings than bad!


Set your alarm to wake you up with a happy song

If you need to be up for a certain time each day, don’t have your alarm play out the Psycho theme tune!  It will only end in tears!  No, set yourself up a happy song, maybe something that reminds you of your goals and dreams, and play that.   Alarms never feel good, so try and make the best of a bad situation.

Alternatively, natural alarm clocks can help wake you up slowly, which will make you feel better.  Then when you’re up – play that song!

Have a picture that reminds you of your dream by the side of your bed

If when you wake to turn of that alarm and find that you’re staring at a picture that shows you a glimpse of your dream, then you’re increasing your chances of waking up with a smile on your face even more!  A mock picture of your future book?  Maybe a picture of your dream destination when you’re travelling, or maybe a picture of the beach will remind you why you’re striving to set up your own business.

Wake up 5 minutes earlier, and go through your dream

I’m really fond of snoozing and have got in to a bit of a bad habit with it, but what would be a much better use of my time would be to use that ‘snooze’ time to focus and replay my dream in my head so I am completely familiar with it.  It’s actually one of the most enjoyable things to do, imagining my dream life being played out.  And it still means I don’t quite have to get up out of bed yet!

Meditations and intentions

Starting the day with some meditation is a great way to centre yourself and to calm yourself.  I’m only just beginning to realise the power of all of it, and it really makes a difference to my mindset as I start the day.  Intentions are just saying to yourself what you intend to do or be in the day and are also amazingly powerful.  Think about what you want to achieve, even if it’s as simple as being happy, and see how the day progresses.

Set yourself a routine

If you incorporate all of the above then that might be a great start to a little routine for you to have on a morning.  There is nothing worse than rushing around because you have woken late or you’ve forgotten to do something.   Think how you feel when your morning is like that and think how you feel when you’re in a little bit more control.  Does it make a difference?  Setting a routine so you’re not in a rush or a panic helps to combat the negative feelings about a day and in turn you’ll wake being excited rather than worried.

I’m sure you could think of a few others to add to this list, but hey, I’m keeping it clean!


We only get limited numbers of mornings in our lives.  Let’s wake up excited rather than stressed and get started on reaching those goals that mean so much to us.

3 thoughts on “5 ways to wake up excited about your day”

  1. Haha :). I like your comment at the end of the post :). I love your tip about keeping a pic of your dream by your bed. I have my stuff that I do to focus on my vision and goals, but I don’t have a pic right beside my bed that I see when I wake up. Might be cool to add one to the side of my nightstand :).

  2. LOL as Leanne mentioned, your closing comment was fun!! Way to keep it clean! 😉 I’ve never tried waking up a little earlier and envisioning my dream. What a great idea!

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