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Welcome to Untrapped Life, a place where your dreams begin to take shape

When your dream seems to never quite do more than stumble around inside your head and never actually becoming something touchable, achievable and believable, you need some support.  You need a friendly corner where you can have your hand held and your confidence bolstered.  You probably also need a kick every now and then.

My name is Kirsty Bartholomew and I dared to dream.  I still do.

I have always dreamed big, always had ideas and passions, but none so big as travelling.  I had always wanted to travel, did a little bit as a late teen, but then settled down to have my family.  I wanted to do the independent travel thing again, but this time taking the kids and husband with me.  The dream stayed a dream though until I took steps to really focus on it and get it off the ground.

In April 2013, my husband started up the engine in our battered old camper van named Gloria and we embarked on a journey of a lifetime around France, Germany, England and Scotland (and a few day trips and drive throughs of neighbouring countries).  We did it!  We managed to actually come up with a dream and take it all the way to fruition.  I am probably still coming down off the high that that gave me!

I’m not stopping there though.  Since I know how great it feels to achieve my ambition I’m excited to help others achieve too.  I know what didn’t work in the past when I tried to do things and I am certain of the bits that did work and did kickstart my dream.  I believe passionately that if you can start off well and effectively then your dream will come.

My dreams aren’t stopping either!  I’m still plotting and planning, still working on getting the most out of life and I aim to document every so often what my plans are so that I have someone, you, to be accountable to.  You can read about my current plans here.


The Untrapped Life Podcast

In March 2014 I did a crazy thing and launched a podcast!  Yes, me!  The woman who can’t call up people on the phone has started a show interviewing people!  It was so out of my comfort zone, but also one of the best things I have ever done.  I’m loving it and evidently you guys are too as 10 weeks in (May 2014) we’ve bypassed 30,000 downloads and been in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes numerous times.

If you’d like to listen, you can do so from the site or you can subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.  If you do listen I’d really appreciate a rating and review!


What others say about me and my podcast

“Kirsty has a refreshing, down to earth style. Her podcast is motivational and practical and a wonderful tonic for days when you need that extra little encouragement to remind you that the life you dream of is possible. I defy anyone not to feel better after one of her episodes”  Georgette Rowland Osborne – Financial Gym For Business


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