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Ever since I completed my amazing dream of taking a gap year and travelling with my kids back in 2013, I’ve been kind of inundated with questions and comments about it!  I get asked all sorts from ‘how did you start?’, ‘how did you manage to keep up the enthusiasm for it all?’ to ‘oh my gosh you are so brave I’d be too scared!’  You get the idea!

So since I started Untrapped Life I have been delving deeper in to how dreams are accomplished and putting it all in to practice again for my next dream which, if you’re interested in, can be found in the My Story category. It’s made me think so much more about it all and I’ve been looking into these questions more and more and of course pondering the answers.

It has also made me wonder, what are the questions that are burning for you?  What would you like to know more about reaching your dreams and how to get there?  Which bits do you think are going to be hard for you? If you could sit me down with a cup of tea for half an hour, what would you just love to find out?

So with that in mind, I’d really appreciate it if you could do me a favour and fill out the survey that I am linking to below.  I’d love to hear what is on your mind and what questions you also have for me! There is only one question, so won’t take too long for you!

Fill out my one question survey!

Thank You!

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