Brick walls in the way of your dreams

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I watched a really touching you tube lecture not that long ago called ‘Achieving your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch.  It’s a long lecture, but really worth listening to for all sorts of reasons, although I’m sorry if you haven’t got a dry eye by the end of it!

One of the many great moments in the lecture is that he talks about brick walls getting in the way of your dreams.  This really spoke to me, when I looked back on some of my achievements in the past, and also looked to the future dreams I still had.  I could remember some of the moments in the past when I felt like the universe was testing me, when it put a brick wall in front of me.

When I was in the process of getting ready to travel with my family so many things happened that could have been my brick wall.  My car was permanently sick and was costing hundreds to fix, it snowed the entire month that we were trying to leave our house which made decluttering and the actual move HARD!  Just before we left we were wondering if our camper would be road worthy enough too.  Many people, and even myself in a past life, would be saying that that is the universe’s way of telling me that it wasn’t to be.  That I should give up.  It was placing a brick wall in front of me to say that I shouldn’t strive for it.

Instead I pushed on.  I knew this dream was within my reach and I was determined to climb over each and every wall to get there.

Dreams probably wouldn’t be dreams if we didn’t have to struggle to get there.  If it was really easy, we’d have achieved them a long time ago, along with everyone else and then they wouldn’t be special.

What is your brick wall?  Are you going to give up at the first hurdle?  I hope not.  Keep on, your dream is worth it.

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    1. I cried lots at that youtube video, can’t believe I’d never seen it before actually. I’m glad I am making you think Jax! 🙂

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