The top 10 best entrepreneur books in 2016

Over the past few years as I have built up my small businesses and learned more about entrepreneurship I’ve read many books on the matter.  They can be just what you need to keep you motivated, or they can inspire you with new ways of thinking.  Here are my top 10 picks for the best entrepreneur books in 2016:

Classic books for entrepreneurs 

These are my favourites from the classic business books that are always recommended.

The 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

This book had been recommended so much that I was sure I must have read it.  I think I’d got it confused with another as when I went to re-read it this year I realised it was all new to me – and I loved it!  It made me think so hard about what I want in life, about how to get it and gave me so many ideas.  In fact once I read it I immediately dropped down how many hours I was working on my business so I could concentrate on things that I wanted to do in life and it worked really well.

I can definitely see why this book is always a top choice for entrepreneurs!  It’s perfect if you’re also stuck in the 9-5 cubicle and looking for an escape as there are chapters dedicated to doing so!

Check out the book here on Amazon.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Another classic and really helpful to get your mindset right about money.  There’s a big difference between working for money and making your money work for you and that is what the author of this book learns from his two dads in the story.  I really enjoyed the way it was told (I have listened to the audio book version) and how different that is to other books in the genre.

To see more about this book click here.


7 habits of highly successful people

Doing what it says on the cover, this book talks about the 7 main habits that successful people in the world have and talks about ways that we can develop these habits for ourselves.  As a mindset book and inspirational read it’s excellent!  Well worth a read.

To check this book out on Amazon click here.


Think and Grow Rich

This is still on my list to read, but it comes so highly recommended to me by others that I have to include it here.  It’s a thought provoking and motivational book that is as relevant today as when it was brought out in 1937

Check out more reviews of this book here.


Best books for entrepreneurs starting out

If you’re just starting out in entrepreneurship and are at the launch stage, or even earlier and wondering what you can do in business then I hope you’ll find these books as useful as I did.

$100 start up

One of my favourite books I ever read on the subject of starting a business.  I’ve never had a lot of money to invest in my ideas so a book dedicated to low cost ideas and success stories of people who did it?  Perfect!  The ideas in this book are inspiring and helped me to come up with my own ideas without feeling like I needed business plans and capital to get it started.  Highly recommended this book.

To see more about it click here.


Launch by Jeff Walker

It’s more than the idea.  Launching your business the right way can change it from a flop in to a roaring success and the tips and ideas in this book can really get you started off on the right foot.  Perfect for those who are contemplating an internet business and want to make a splash when they get started!

See more about this book on Amazon here.


Best entrepreneur books for those already started in business

If you’re already set up in business and want something to propel you to the next level check these two books out:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media is huge these days, but it’s increasingly used wrongly and with the wrong intent.  Gary tries to show us how powerful it can be when you concentrate on giving back to people before expecting anything back.  A really interesting read and a must if social media is a big part of your business.

Click here to see more about this book.


Dotcom secrets by Russell Brunson

If you’re looking to learn about online marketing tactics, funnels and email marketing then this book could be awesome for you.  I read it at the beginning of the year and it really helped me get my head around how I want my customers to behave when they come to me for the best effect and how to monetise them quickly.

Not a beginner book, but once you have your ideas set up and running I really recommend this one.


Check out the reviews on Amazon here.


New and noteworthy books on entrepreneurship

Each year brings out more and more books on the subject, which is great because it’s always changing.  Here’s two recommended titles for 2016:

Will it Fly by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is one of the most successful internet marketers online right now and he attracts a number of people starting out in the world of online business.  This is his book to those people to help them see if their idea for business is a good one.  So if you’re new and want an up to date guide to starting an online business I’d recommend starting here.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

Living Forward by Michael Hyatt

I love Michael Hyatt’s books and this latest one is about making the most of our time and getting what we truly want out of our lives.  Perhaps you’ve been drifting along for a long time with all sorts of dreams and thoughts for your life but not actually getting anywhere and making them happen.  If so, give this book a read, do the exercises and hopefully it will give you a kick start to get you going!

See more about it on Amazon here.

Competition time! Win a coaching session plus a copy of my new ebook!

ebook cropI’m hugely excited to be launching my new ebook called ‘Create Your Own Dream Action Plan’!

It’s released on Monday 15th of September and I am so excited because it’s a really great digestible piece of work that can really make a difference to your life!

I’m giving away two copies of the book and for one lucky person, they’ll also get a coaching session with myself as well which is worth $147!  It’s really a great prize and I’m excited to see who wins!

There’s a couple of things to do to enter the competition, the only mandatory entry is ‘liking’ my Facebook page.  All the others are optional.  It’s open until midnight GMT on Sunday 14th September and I’ll email the winners ASAP after it closes.

So are you ready to get your dreams started?  Ready…. Set…. Go!!!!


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Blog Hop: My Writing Process, and Three Writers You Want to Meet

I was tagged in this ages ago by the lovely Lillian Yates Duggan from My Ideal World. She’s a fantastic writer and has been blogging and writing about her process about finding the right path to go down for her dreams which include travelling with her children (sound familiar??) I’d encourage you to check her blog out especially if you’re like her and working out how to achieve your dreams.

I’ll tag three other people at the end, all great friends of mine and all great writers!

1. What am I working on?

I’ve never really considered myself a writer, I guess because I’ve never really had any visions of writing a novel some day! I dunno why, but that is, in my head, what a writer is. Of course that’s wrong!

So at the moment I’m working on a book for Untrapped Life called ‘Create Your Dream Action Plan’ which consolidates a whole heap of knowledge from me about how to get dreams off the ground and into action. It’s going to be a really easy to digest and not too heavy!

Other than that I’m also working on bringing my travel blog back in to being (which is over at since we’re travelling again now. It’s more of a journal, but I do like to make some of the articles helpful for anyone stumbling across it on Google.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like to think of myself as a non-fluffy person. I’m not touchy feely and I’m not all about the feminine aspects of life. I’m straight forward and no nonsense!

I’m also incredibly succinct.  I am so bad at actually writing enough 😉

3. Why do I write what I do?

I want to share with others my enthusiasm for the things that I feel like I’m good at in life and that is travelling and achieving crazy dreams! I embrace things that may not be ‘normal’ and strive to add them in to my life if they’re a good fit. I know there are so many other people out there who feel the same so writing about it connects me with those other people who are also wanting to escape normal, or who already have!

4. How does my writing process work?

Generally I think about what I want to write when I’m in bed and not wanting to disturb my husband. Then by morning I have completely forgotten what I was going to do – frustrating!

But normally I have a general idea of how I will write an article. The hardest part for me is generally having a great title. Once I have that then the writing comes so much more easily.


Ok, time to pass the baton on! Every one of these friends of mine should so write a novel!

Nic Goddard is another crazy person who went after her dreams. She is currently living on a remote Scottish island and trying out the self sufficiency thing. One of her biggest dreams is to be a writer though and she has the talent for that in bucket loads! You can find her at Wondering Wanderers.

Jax Blunt and I have been friends since our eldest teens were toddlers and we used to spend many a day setting the world to rights over a cup of tea when we lived near each other. She’s blogged since almost the beginning of those days over at Making It Up and she’s been way better at keeping blogs in the same place (I have had so many blogs in different places over the years!) than I ever have been!

Merry Raymond is another long time friend, long time blogger and great writer. She’s been blogging for over 10 years at Patch of Puddles and she’s also a great business woman, setting up a online toy and craft business way back in the early internet shopping days.

House Sitting – can it help out your dream?

This is my daughter on our first house sitting assignment!  An older dog who liked to be pushed in a push chair!
This is my daughter on our first house sitting assignment! An older dog who couldn’t walk far and liked to be pushed in a push chair!

If you’ve been listening to the podcast recently you may have spotted that I have been including a sponsor in the show – they are Trusted Housesitters.  I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little but about housesitting as I do think it’s a really great idea and something that can definitely be incorporated in to many dreams!

First of all, what is house sitting?  Well, it’s looking after someone’s house for them while they are away on holiday, business or similar.  Often the house will come with pets to look after and it helps the home owners by not paying for kennel or cattery fees and it also keeps their house occupied.  Result!  The house sitters will look after the home and pets, in exchange for accommodation.  Some people do charge, but there is a growing trend for it to be a swap whereby it’s an equal exchange.  With the internet making the world so small you can imagine where this could take you!

As you know, I like, no love travelling!  When we were planning our big trip last year I came across the idea of house sitting and was really intrigued by it.  I think I’d read about someone who started their Round The World trip with 3 months somewhere like Ecuador.  It sounded amazing – what a way to ease yourself in to a huge lifestyle change.  My mind went in to overdrive as I imagined how we could incorporate this idea in to our travel plans.  I signed up to Trusted Housesitters and started the process of applying for anything that seemed like it would fit us.

We’re a family and I thought that it would be tricky for us to get sits, and really I wasn’t sure if we’d enjoy it either, so I applied for a couple of local sits too so we could get experience, a feel for how it works and some references from people who weren’t friends and family.  We had a great time housesitting for some lovely little West Highland Terriers (a dog we’ve loved the look of and often wished for) and realised that yes, we could see us doing this in future.  We eventually managed to get 2 house sits while we travelled, one in France and one in Scotland.  I was over the moon – this meant we could settle for a bit and explore really deeply in an area, we could save money and we could enjoy having some pets (we’ve rented houses for a while so pets haven’t been allowed).

All sounds very easy and I’d love to say it was, but being a family made it tricky.  Not everyone welcomed the idea of kids!  But with determination and persistence we managed to make it work.

Now what has this to do with dreams?  What has this to do with Untrapped Life?

Well, quite often I hear that my listeners and readers want to live a freer life.  It might not mean travel, but it means freedom to go and do what they want.  It can be hard to shake of the chains of our lives though, yes?

Housesitting could be an excellent idea if you want to experience living life with no ties.  It can enable you to live for a few months in another country while still being able to work (if you work online) or maybe just for you to explore your own country.  It can be tricky to get the courage to leave our normal lives behind, but with a ‘home’ and some pets waiting perhaps it can be make the transition easier.  Perhaps it will enable you to start earlier as you have less outgoings to think about,

It could also simply just be another idea to help you take a vacation while you’re saving for your big dream to happen.

For some people it turns in to a life style all on its own!  Take a look at Jodie and Nat from International House Sitting and you’ll see what I mean!  If you have a dream to travel but you don’t know how to then maybe see if this might work for you!

Alternatively, maybe you have pets of your own.  Could house sitters help you?  Could it free you up to achieve a dream?

There are many house sitting sites too, but the one I have knowledge of and experience actually getting sits through is Trusted Housesitters.  It’s got a wealth of listings for you to choose from and they have recently added a feature where the home owners can specify if they are open to applications from families – amazing for us!

As it happens we’re embarking on the house sitting road again very soon and hope to make it something we do regularly as it really fits our lifestyle, or what I hope our lifestyle will be when we set off travelling again.  And if you ever know of any pets that need some love and attention, you can always contact me and see if we’re available to sit for you!

I’d love to hear your stories of house sitting – have you done it before?

Can you succeed and reach your dreams without a plan?

as long as you don't stopI know I talk about having a plan and knowing where you’re going quite a bit.  I was thinking earlier on today about if it’s possible to actually succeed and reach your dreams without a plan.  What do you think?

Do you need a plan?

There’s a great phrase that goes something like this:

it’s the journey, not the destination

and you know what, I love that.  I absolutely agree that life is all about the journey and we should embrace and enjoy that as much as we can.  BUT, I also don’t think that we should go through our lives without a thought at all either.

You can be successful

I don’t think there can be any doubt that people who meander along in life with no real plans can still be successful.  It can absolutely happen!  Doors can open wide and by having no set agenda you can be free to pursue any avenue you like.

We can be successful at work, academically or financially without a plan.  Absolutely.  We can have all the trappings of a ‘successful’ life…


Is it what you wanted?

This is the thing that matters though.  As I said, there can be no doubt that we can be successful despite having plans, but is the success the thing you wanted?  Yes, you might have reached promotion at work and have everyone saying how successful you are, but what if you just want to live a simple life in the country with a few chickens?  All of a sudden the ‘success’ doesn’t seem like it’s right does it?

Plans direct you where you want to go

If we know what we want we can see where we need to go to get it.  There really isn’t anything wrong with having focus and a desire to achieve your goals.  After all, we have one go at this life and we need to make sure that we have no regrets when we get to the end of it.  Let’s not regret even giving it a try right?  Everything is possible if we only reach out and aim for it.


So what if you’re the type of person who really needs plans?  Well, I have an idea for you!  I have launched my new programme which is just for people who feel lost without a plan and who are worried that if they don’t sort themselves out life will pass them by  and their dreams will stay as dreams.  The Dream Action Plan helps you combat overwhelm and combat that running round in circles feeling and truly helps you become clear on what you want and how to begin getting there.

If you need more help I do offer one on one calls, including a discovery session.  Check out my mentoring packages and see if anything fits you!


Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it’s something.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop ~ Confucius