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5 reasons why you should listen to podcasts

By Kirsty / March 10, 2014

Ok, so I may be a little biased here or maybe even a little podcast crazy at the moment, since I have just launched my own podcast (details at the end of the post) but I do really love the shows and I wanted to give you 5 reasons why you should listen to them. […]


5 ways to wake up excited about your day

By Kirsty / March 3, 2014

When you’re in the zone with reaching your dreams you can quite easily imagine jumping out of bed with renewed vigour at the start of every day right? I’ll tell you now, now every day is like this, but follow these tips and you can help ensure you have more good mornings than bad!   […]


What would you ask me?

By Kirsty / February 24, 2014

Ever since I completed my amazing dream of taking a gap year and travelling with my kids back in 2013, I’ve been kind of inundated with questions and comments about it!  I get asked all sorts from ‘how did you start?’, ‘how did you manage to keep up the enthusiasm for it all?’ to ‘oh […]


The secret of why most people fail to get to their dreams

By Kirsty / February 3, 2014

If having dreams is something we all do, and most of never get there, why do most people fail?  What is it that makes some people reach their dreams, that the vast majority of others don’t? I believe strongly that making a effective start is the best way to go about it and will maximise […]


Are you waiting for the Universe?

By Kirsty / January 27, 2014

I remember when I first heard about the power of the Universe and how if you asked for things they would find their way to you and about how sometimes the universe will guide you away from things that you shouldn’t be spending time on.  I was hooked.  I loved the idea of it all […]

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