Don’t be afraid to fiddle with your plan

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It would be really easy for me to say that once you have a plan formulated for your dreams, whether they are business related or more towards the leisure end of the spectrum, that you have nothing left to do but implement it.

That *can* be the case, and I do know that having that rock solid plan at the start is going to completely help you get momentum and get going, but there is one thing that might get to off track and feel like you’re failing and I don’t want you to feel that way.

Sometimes as we go along, we have great ideas and we are so excited to get started we throw ourselves completely in at the deep end.  Which is great at first, it’s exhilarating to be doing what we want and to be making progress.  But then sometimes we get a bit tired.  It’s hard to keep treading water in at the deep end of the swimming pool and it’s hard to do that in life too.  But what do you do?  Move to shallow waters and fail?  Or keep going until you might burn out?

Well, to put this in context, I have felt like this myself very recently.  As many of you know I host a podcast and it was being broadcast 3 times per week.  I love podcasting, it’s making me do things I never knew I could do before and I wanted to capitalise on my feelings.  I’d initially planned to do a show twice a week and then I upped it fairly soon after starting – I wanted to interview more people and I had a huge list of people to feature.   Which all went well and I was ahead of myself until I used up most of my ‘banked’ interviews while I was away on holiday.  Then a cancellation here and there and all of a sudden I was struggling to keep on schedule and have time to fit it all in.  I wasn’t tired, I still loved it, but I was starting to feel like it was taking over and I wasn’t moving forward with my other goals and my dream overall.  I decided last week I was going to go back to 2 shows a week, I’m back on top of it all and still having time to do everything else.

So what has this to do with your dreams then?

Well, if you noticed, a word that I don’t like crept in back there.  Fail.  By moving to 2 shows a week I could have felt like I’d failed.  By trying anything that is on your plan and realising it’s not working and fiddling with it you could feel like you’ve failed.  You haven’t.  I haven’t.

What I have done is fiddled and made it work for me.  I have re-evaluated what’s important and what needs to be focused on.

That is not failing.  By planning, taking action and deciding it’s not for you, that is not failure.  It’s GREAT!

So I want to encourage you all to have your plan, but do NOT in any way feel like you’ve not succeeded if you do not follow it to the letter.  Life is fluid, we are constantly learning, changing and evolving.  By taking action and responding to how that works or doesn’t work, you can never be considered a failure.


Sometimes you just don’t know how stuck you are

What's the view like from your path?
What’s the view like from your path?

As we go about our daily lives, we can sometimes feel a little stuck. We know we have the same routines and the same job to go to, we sometimes even eat the same foods on an evening. I think that sometimes we don’t really see the big picture, we don’t quite realise quite how stuck we have got, until we get out there, do something different and look back.

This was how it was for me and I speak a bit about it on today’s podcast episode. I distinctly remember one day, just before we left our home that was supposed to be a temporary stop but where we actually stayed close to 7 years in, and thinking that I could clearly see how stuck we’d become. We’d become enslaved by all our possessions, by the commitments we had taken on and by our jobs we felt stuck in. The feeling when I realised I was about to step out of that was absolutely amazing!

As you move on in your quest to begin your dream, you also move out of the comfortable paths of life that we walk on. You’ll start to take less well trodden paths and in doing so you’ll see different views. It can feel ever so lonely sometimes, ever so boring and ever so hard. That’s when you’ll need to know where you’re headed and what reason you have for heading there.

You’ll also need the support of people around you. Some will think you are crazy. Some will wish they were as brave as you are being. Just smile at the people who might be negative and spend your time with the supportive ones. Find likeminded people, those who are on the path and slightly farther ahead than you. Learn from them, watch out for the holes and pitfalls that they came across. Be inspired by them.

I want to be there and hear from you when you take that path, you get far enough along that you feel you can safely look behind and when you too can see how stuck you’d been and that you are well on your way to achieving your goals and dreams.

I’m planning to set up a Facebook group in the next week or so and will pop the link here when I do. It will be a place we can share our successes, worries and feelings of being stuck! I hope you’ll join me there.

Inspirational playlists and how using them helps your dream

inspirational playlist

I recently wrote about strategies to use when you’re feeling like giving up over at Pick the Brain and someone asked me more about one of the strategies I employ which is making a happy playlist so I thought I would expand on this idea here.  Making a playlist is actually one of the key things I advise people to do when beginning their dreams!

Music is such a powerful tool and should really be utilised more when it comes to being focussed on your dreams.  I feel like it was a huge help to me when I was striving to reach our travel goals, reminding me of what was to come, making me excited and smile and just re-energising me.

Like it or not, dreams take time.  If you’re a person who is easily distracted and who wants things quickly, a bit like me, then you need to have some strategies to keep you motivated when times get tough and you’ve had enough.  This is where inspirational playlists comes into their own! Continue reading “Inspirational playlists and how using them helps your dream”

Brick walls in the way of your dreams

field music:tones of town
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I watched a really touching you tube lecture not that long ago called ‘Achieving your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch.  It’s a long lecture, but really worth listening to for all sorts of reasons, although I’m sorry if you haven’t got a dry eye by the end of it!

One of the many great moments in the lecture is that he talks about brick walls getting in the way of your dreams.  This really spoke to me, when I looked back on some of my achievements in the past, and also looked to the future dreams I still had.  I could remember some of the moments in the past when I felt like the universe was testing me, when it put a brick wall in front of me.

Continue reading “Brick walls in the way of your dreams”