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Don’t be afraid to fiddle with your plan

By Kirsty / June 2, 2014

It would be really easy for me to say that once you have a plan formulated for your dreams, whether they are business related or more towards the leisure end of the spectrum, that you have nothing left to do but implement it. That *can* be the case, and I do know that having that […]


Sometimes you just don’t know how stuck you are

By Kirsty / April 14, 2014

As we go about our daily lives, we can sometimes feel a little stuck. We know we have the same routines and the same job to go to, we sometimes even eat the same foods on an evening. I think that sometimes we don’t really see the big picture, we don’t quite realise quite how […]


Inspirational playlists and how using them helps your dream

By Kirsty / February 10, 2014

I recently wrote about strategies to use when you’re feeling like giving up over at Pick the Brain and someone asked me more about one of the strategies I employ which is making a happy playlist so I thought I would expand on this idea here.  Making a playlist is actually one of the key things […]


Brick walls in the way of your dreams

By Kirsty / January 13, 2014

I watched a really touching you tube lecture not that long ago called ‘Achieving your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch.  It’s a long lecture, but really worth listening to for all sorts of reasons, although I’m sorry if you haven’t got a dry eye by the end of it! One of the many great moments […]