How to identify what is trapping you

Trapped Inside
Creative Commons License Michael Gil via Compfight 

In order to live a free and untrapped life where you can pursue your dreams you need to identify what it is that is trapping you in your current existence.

Life is full of extra curricular events that we latch on to and sign up to for enhancement, but often we get trapped by the very things we think will make our life better.

  • We watch television in a bid to relax at the end of the day
  • we need the latest equipment to watch the TV on and buy it on credit
  • we sign up to the gym to make ourselves fitter
  • We help out at our kids school events
  • we want more spare cash so we sign ourselves up to cheap tarrifs on our bills so we can get reduced price if we commit to a year or two of being a customer

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