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Are you using these excuses for not making a start with your dream?

By Kirsty / January 22, 2014

Everyone has dreams.  Not everyone makes a start on them.  Which is crazy really when you think about it.  Every day we are reminded about the fragility of life and the shortness of our existence, yet we still put off what we really, really want to do!

I thought I’d take a look at some common excuses for not making a start.


I never have enough time for myself, I have too much on my plate, I can’t do everything!  

I’m sure this one sounds familiar to most people.  We all have responsibilities, we all have things that take up our time and the thing that has to take the back seat is the unimportant stuff.  If time is an issue for you, then do consider signing up to my newsletter as you’ll get my free tips download that are time conscious!


It’s too expensive to do my dream, I need to give up my job if I’m going to properly pursue it, I just don’t have the money to spend on myself.

Money is like time, there is never enough of it.  If you are lucky enough to ever get some more I can almost guarantee something will take it up pretty quickly!  My tip for the money excuse?  Look to define your dream more.  Maybe after thinking about it and really thinking about what is important you’ll be able to see a way of doing your dream, even if it’s not the all singing, all dancing way!

Not enough support

I can’t do this on my own, I need someone on my side, I’m supporting everyone else in my life so none is left for me!

None of us can do this on our own, we all need someone there to cheer us on.  It doesn’t matter the scale of our goal, if  we are on our own we can feel like we’re scaling a mountain!  If you have no-one in your immediate circles who are supporting you, reach out on the internet – you will certainly find some people who will give you a boost and who know what it feels like.  Tweet me!  I’ll certainly support you.  If you feel like you need that support from your nearest and dearest, ask them!  You never know, they might not know how much this means to you.


I can’t do it!  I won’t do it!  You can’t make me do it!

Ok, whose dream is this?  That’s right, it’s yours!  Thing long and hard about your dream, is it worth it?  If it is then facing some fears about it is certainly scary, but also completely doable.   I can’t promise that you will never be scared if you make a start with your dream, but don’t let that make you not even start.

I’m not good enough

Why would someone like me get a chance to do something that great?  I can’t even get started, how rubbish am I?  I’m not worth it.

This one is where your support network will come in, so do make sure that you have one in place.  We all feel rubbish about ourselves from time to time, but the main thing is to try and not bring you down so much that you never get started.  Celebrate the small victories, there will be some and make sure your supporting friends know how much you appreciate them too, then they’ll stick around when you need them.


So, which excuse are you using today?  Or are you going to make a start?

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