UL 35 – Get your freelance ideas off the ground with Simon Knapp from Cherished Ideas


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Simon felt that when he used freelancers on many of the start ups he’d had in the past that they got a bit of a rubbish deal from the marketplaces that were out there already.  His aim for his new site, Cherished Ideas, is to give freelancers more money in their pocket and a much better deal which will in turn benefit everyone!  We also talk about his career as a pilot, why it’s not as glamorous as it might seem at first and what life has in store for him.

Don’t forget that as a launch offer you can join Cherished Ideas for $1 a month so you can make a start on your freelancing journey straight away and with little overheads and NO commission!  Click here!


Current Business

  • Cherished Ideas is a platform for freelancers to bid for work and advertise their services that they have to offer!

Up and Coming in the next year

  • A baby!
  • a business that has been automated to allow him to enjoy the changes that are coming in his life


If you want to let Simon know that you enjoyed this show then give him a shout by tweeting him!  You can do so by simply clicking here  – it’s already written out for you!

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