Want to start a podcast? Here’s where to start (including my Podcasters’ Paradise Review)

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Please see below for my 2016 update to this article!!

As many of you will know, podcasting has taken off in my world and my business is growing by the day because of it. I thought I’d write a little post about the benefits and where I’ve found help to start a podcast.

So, why start a podcast?

Many people have a podcast as a means to an end and hope to turn that in to a business. Many, like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire have done this wildly successfully. His podcast generates sponsorship which on it’s own is amazing (like seriously amazing money!!), but he has also branched out into teaching others like with his programme Podcasters’ Paradise. I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a bit and give my review of it, but there are many ways you could use a podcast to launch something else.

Other people, and this includes me, have added a podcast to an existing business to give depth and provide another outlet to give value on. Not everyone likes to read blog posts, some like to listen to audio and some like to watch video. This helps cover such a broad area and enable you to be everywhere!

There’s also that chance that you’ll love chatting in to a microphone as much as I do – and you never know where that might lead!

Where should you start?

There are many, many online tutorials and kit lists and ways to podcast.  First you need an idea, then you need to get the gear and then you need to start recording.  Sounds simple huh?

It can be simple, and I’m really good at gleaning stuff from the internet for free, but I’ll tell you something – I don’t think I’d have managed if it wasn’t for joining the aforementioned programme.  I’d done most stuff before I joined it and I think I’d have even managed to get it uploaded too, but I know I’d have struggled.  Heck, I struggled even with hand holding videos guiding me through.  It’s a steep learning curve for sure.

Once the technical side of producing a podcast is on top of, you need to get it out there, promote it and try and get some downloads.  I’m imagining this could have been a fairly lonely journey to face.  What you need is a community to ask questions, give feedback on your show and just push you forward.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a group of people who are really serious about podcasting around you to make you up your game.

So, my advice to you if you want to know where to start is Podcasters’ Paradise.  Seriously.  And I say this as someone who doesn’t like to pay out for things if I don’t have to.  It’s worth it.

Not only do you get all the videos that you’ll need to do all the technical side, and it would be worth it for that alone (there are LOTS and more added all the time), you also get monthly webinars with John and special guests (past guests have been Pat Flynn and Lewis Howes) that are solely for the people who are in the programme.   Then on top of that is the community.  It has all the things that I mentioned before that I really think were influential in me doing so well with my show.

My show is doing well, we’re at the moment getting near to 25,000 downloads overall and I can absolutely attribute some of that success to this.  I’m not even sure I’d have launched half as well without it, maybe I’d have given up without the community.  I don’t know.  But I can really recommend it and if you’d like to look into it more then please head over to Podcasters’ Paradise and check it out.  You won’t be sorry!

Edit – 2016

I thought I’d add a little bit of an update to this Podcasters Paradise review as it’s been a while now and maybe you’re wondering about whether to make a leap and want to know how I’m doing!

So, my podcast has had a great effect on me and even brought me to the United States to speak at a conference in 2014 – talk about up levelling in life!  In saying that though, I hit a little bit of a fork in the road with my business and decided to go a different way to the way I was going with Untrapped Life and my podcast.  The podcast is static, but still brings in hundreds of listens every single day – how’s that for longevity of content?

So, do I still recommend Podcasters Paradise as a course if you’re looking to start a podcast?

Yes, absolutely.  I’ll tell you why:

It’s still hands down the best place to go to get inspired from people who are truly serious about making an impact in the world, and whether that is through being a successful podcaster and bringing in money that way or by adding it to their business.  The connections you can make while part of the programme are amazing.  I would never have had my first speaking gig without this group.

John does many exclusive interviews, Q&A sessions and is just incredibly amazing at providing a whole heap of value to the course.  It’s not all about podcasting as well – mindset, entrepreneurship and many other facets of online business life get covered.

Things have changed a little since I joined.  I don’t think there is an option for lifetime membership any more, but I think you can choose to pay monthly or yearly now.  It’s a good idea to join in with the webinars that he runs weekly as it’s a great introduction to how John is and his personality, plus there’s normally a heap of value there too and sometimes some special offers.  You can sign up for the webinars from this link or the image below.

There’s also another great option for you now, especially if you are on a tight budget – he now runs a Free Podcast course.  Highly recommend that one as a starter for your amazing and successful podcast that I know is in your mind right now!


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