Why you should let go of perfection and take the leap

leap boy scotlandWe all want to be perfect don’t we?  We all want to strive to be better, make less mistakes and be proud of what we’ve achieved.

But what happens if we get so hung up on perfection that actually, we get nowhere and we do nothing?  It happens all the time I’m sure, and I’m even guilty of it myself.

It’s especially hard to let go when what we’re striving to do is such a part of ourselves, when it reflects so much on us.  Our dreams are so personal and raw and are ourselves through and through that you can imagine quite how many times dreams are put off because we can’t do it perfectly.

I’ve seen this myself quite a few times and you know, the two times that I’m thinking of, when I just took a leap anyway, it paid off massively, so I want to encourage you to do that too.

First of all, when I wanted to take a gap year and travel with my kids, I wanted to travel to exotic places half way around the world.  That was the perfect rendition of my dream.  Now I could have got hung up on that, I could have said ‘if I can’t get the perfect dream I’ll not bother’ but I didn’t.  I worked out if it being perfect would actually be the measure of my success and you know what?  I considered just going out and doing something to be a success, so I refocused and concentrated on having an adventure that maybe wasn’t perfect but it didn’t matter.  Now where am I?  I’m working on the next big dream and know I’ll get there!

Second and more recent, was the work I’d been doing on my podcast.  Now, it’s not my big dream to podcast, I’d never fancied being a radio dj when I was younger and I’m not really that keen on the sound of my own voice.  But I knew it would bring another dimension to the business and I really wanted to get to know other people online who have been successful in reaching their dreams.  So win – win.  Except I was just being so damn perfectionist about it all sounding right, about whether I sounded too scripted or if I sounded wooden.  I’d listen and cringe and wonder if I’d ever get it out there.

I’d set myself a date to go live, which is just as well or I think I’d be still here now redoing my first episode.  And a few days before I was due to publish it all,  I gave up one of my topics that I just couldn’t get right and spoke about just getting out there and just doing stuff.  I had worked like a trooper to get it all out and up there and no, it wasn’t perfect, but I made a start!  Now, instead of beating myself up every day I am moving onwards and hopefully upwards.  The doors are opening, I’m connecting with other people and opportunities are coming into view.  Would that have happened if I was still sat re-recording episode 1?

So today I want to encourage you to really think about whether perfect is the bit that’s important with your dream or with whatever you are stalling with in life.  Is perfect what you want the most or do you just want to do it?  Think about what might present itself in your life if you just took the leap and did it!

Let me know in the comments what you are struggling with or about a time when you’ve let go of perfection and what happened!

13 thoughts on “Why you should let go of perfection and take the leap”

  1. Such a great point (and post) Kirsty! Perfection can really get me when it comes to cleaning actually! Specifically, my closet! I often find it’s such a big task to organize that I put it off instead of jumping in as you said. Whereas if I jumped in and tackled little sections it would practically clean itself! 😉 Thanks and much love!

  2. Kirsty, what a great post! You’re so right… Perfection can really set us back until we realize that it only prevents us from doing awesome things and sharing our talents! Thanks!

  3. You know how they say, “The bloom is off the rose?” Well, for me, the bloom has to first be put on the rose. The phrase “new and exciting” is a misnomer. When something is new, I often find myself holding my nose, so to speak, at least for awhile before I can get excited about something

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