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Kirsty Bartholomew has always lived a life that was slightly different to others.  She was never afraid to leap and do things that scared others like solo travelling when she was 17 and 18 and working in foreign countries.  Her love of travel has always been there, but having children made her think that she should push it to the back of her mind.  As passions tend to never go away her travel dream kept coming back and in 2006 she and her husband declared they were going to take a Round the World trip with their children and they set about saving.   Unfortunately fear crept in, they decided they were too worried to go to the cheaper countries and they were worried they’d never manage to scrape together the amounts needed to spend time in the expensive countries.  The dream was shelved.

After feeling like a failure for quite some time for not managing to get her dreams off the ground, she decided she just needed to grow up and forget them.  But she couldn’t.  After watching a good friend take off on an adventure around the UK in an old camper van she got an idea.  She decided that it didn’t matter that she might not see tropical beaches, but what mattered was an adventure with her family.  In 2012 the plan was made, a small amount of money was saved, jobs and houses were given up and they leapt.  What followed was an amazing trip, a great experience for all and most importantly the knowledge that dreams can come true.

Kirsty set up Untrapped Life when she returned as a way of helping others who have dreams to reach for them.  She wants to encourage people to take leaps, fight fear and do the things that they dream of.  She has surprised herself by not only getting out there and preaching her ideas but by also setting up her own podcast, something she had never done before.  She’s speaking at Podcast Movement in 2014 and taking her business back on the road and making her lifestyle one of travel once again.  Mostly she’s proving that once you achieve your dreams you can feel invincible and that has to be a great reason to make a start on them.  You can visit her site at

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In 2013 Kirsty Bartholomew made a huge leap to achieve the dream that she’d had for years of travelling and having an adventure with her kids and husband. Now that she knows what it takes to achieve these leaps and to start these dreams effectively she set up Untrapped Life to teach people how to make action plans so they they too can live and achieve their dreams and goals and ultimately escape normal.  Visit her site at

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Kirsty Bartholomew inspires and motivates people to live their dreams and escape normal.  Visit her site at


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