UL06 – Off Grid Lifestyle with Nic Goddard

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In this show I talk to Nic Goddard, a long time friend of mine and all round inspiration!  Nic currently lives on a remote island in Scotland and is living an off grid lifestyle.    She hasn’t always lived like this though and we talk about where she was before and her dream and journey to her current place.  First they travelled for 9 months in a camper van (sound familiar?  Yup I was truly inspired by these guys!) visiting and volunteering on many different farms and communities to see what lifestyle resonated most with them and by the end the most amazing opportunity came up – a croft on an island.

Current Business

  • Nic and her family run their 8 acre croft on Rum, Croft 3, selling produce and crafts to tourists and locals in the community.  Nic is also a writer having been featured in many publications.

Up and Coming in the next year

  • Building!  They aim to build a cob chicken house as a learning project before attempting to build their own home.
  • Enjoying the view from the croft 😉


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