UL 42 – Overwhelm, recognising and dealing with it

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How do we recognise when overwhelm is coming close?  And how do we deal with it when it does?  I talk in this episode about strategies to deal with it and to pre-empt it to hopefully stop it happening.

Actionable Point

schedule in some breaks to your life, either vacation or just days when you unplug from the dreams and take your mind off it.  Work out how long you can keep your head down and work tirelessly and schedule your break for after that time period.  For me it’s every 8-10 weeks and I need a treat!


Facebook community – connect with me and many other dreamers over on my new Facebook group!

Mentorship packages – take a look if you want some one to one help with getting your dreams started.


Trusted Housesitters – if you’re looking for an alternative vacation or some space to start your location independent lifestyle then house sitting is a great idea!


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