What is it about fear? It’s threatening to ruin my dreams!

By Kirsty / January 16, 2014

Fear is a killer of dreams.

Picture the scene.  You’ve just read the most inspiring book, it’s opened your eyes to the fact that your passion that’s been bubbling away for years is the one you should focus on.  You’re excited.  You talk, you have a glass of wine, you smile.  You talk some more, have more wine and plan.  You go to bed feeling giddy, and not just because of the wine!

The cold light of day comes in the morning and you start to have a funny feeling in your tummy.  It’s not a good feeling either.  You’d just spent the last evening chatting and being excited about something, you’d laid your dreams on the table.  You’d told people what you were going to do.  But now?  Well, now you’re not so sure.

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I’m a work in progress too

By Kirsty / January 14, 2014
campervan country stickers

Our travel sticker collection!

I wanted to write today about my own goals and my own dreams.  I want to show that I am still a work in progress too.  We all are.

I am setting this site up because I completely believe that striving to reach your goals leads to more happier people.  I want to help people feel more fulfilled in their lives.  I also know that getting off the starting line is the hardest part and that is where I am focussing my efforts, on getting people started.

It might look from the outside, probably less so if you actually know me in real life, that I’ll tell you how to do it because I have it all sorted and I don’t have anything to learn myself.  This is so very not true.

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Brick walls in the way of your dreams

By Kirsty / January 13, 2014

I watched a really touching you tube lecture not that long ago called ‘Achieving your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch.  It’s a long lecture, but really worth listening to for all sorts of reasons, although I’m sorry if you haven’t got a dry eye by the end of it!

One of the many great moments in the lecture is that he talks about brick walls getting in the way of your dreams.  This really spoke to me, when I looked back on some of my achievements in the past, and also looked to the future dreams I still had.  I could remember some of the moments in the past when I felt like the universe was testing me, when it put a brick wall in front of me.

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How to identify what is trapping you

In order to live a free and untrapped life where you can pursue your dreams you need to identify what it is that is trapping you in your current existence.

Life is full of extra curricular events that we latch on to and sign up to for enhancement, but often we get trapped by the very things we think will make our life better.

  • We watch television in a bid to relax at the end of the day
  • we need the latest equipment to watch the TV on and buy it on credit
  • we sign up to the gym to make ourselves fitter
  • We help out at our kids school events
  • we want more spare cash so we sign ourselves up to cheap tarrifs on our bills so we can get reduced price if we commit to a year or two of being a customer

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I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

By Kirsty / January 9, 2014

Does this sound familiar to you?  Maybe you’ve been talking to your own kids about their career plans and their dreams for when they grow up and you jokingly say ‘I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up’.

You giggle about it at the time and later in the day it hits you.  How come I still don’t know what I want?  How do some people get there when I don’t.  Is it really that hard to have a dream about what I want to be?  Maybe I’m destined to be nothing.

That last one is pretty hard.  I imagine if you’ve ever heard yourself say it, it’s also hard to hear.

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