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Istanbul sign million stone
Sign in Istanbul – which way should I go?

This is the where I let loose with my dreams and hopes that are specific to me.  If you’d like to read more about my story then click here to get further posts in this category.

This month has been an interesting one for me as I work harder and harder in getting Untrapped Life going.  I’m so excited to be getting my ideas down and sharing them and I’m loving writing my course that will be available in April.  What has been interesting is that in writing it all down I’m aware that although I have a dream that I am working towards, I don’t think I’ve really been practising what I preach in terms of getting it started!  Oops!

So what am I guilty of?  Well, the first step really – defining my dream.  It’s all way to vague in my head, it’s really just ‘travel before the kids get older.  Go to the Americas’.  Now there’s a reason why it’s vague and it’s because I can’t really set a date for long term travel since we need to be in this country for the next year and a half at least so that my son can get orthodontic treatment.  We have no idea really when he’ll be done with it all so we can’t buy tickets and have a countdown to setting off.  So this also means that we’re not moving forward in making our travel dreams come true.

This month has seen us have a small trip to Istanbul which set off my itchy feet again.  My husband is also suffering, even though travelling is my dream really, he’s loving the idea of it and can’t wait to get going again.  We’re also a little bit unhappy in our present situation in the UK which, since we’re advocating living life now, it feels wrong to be stuck here!

We’ve made a decision that we’ll leave our current house and jobs at the end of the summer and we’re going to bring forward our travel dates.  It won’t be the big trip to the Americas yet, that’s still on the back burner, but we’ve decided we’d like to spend next winter somewhere different and perhaps warmer.  We’ll still be based in the UK, where we’ll try to house sit or have short term rentals set up, but we’re also looking at Spain for a month or two, maybe even spending a month in Paris.  We’ve decided we don’t want to be tied down at all!  The rent on our house right now is ridiculous for where we are and we’re stuck for months at a time.  Extended trips all the way!

I guess I’ve just created a new dream since the other one isn’t workable in the immediate future.  If we were happier in our situation perhaps I wouldn’t have needed to, but that’s ok, I didn’t really want to come back to the UK and be happy here.  I want to go travelling again!  It also highlights an important point that things will change and how you think you’ll cope isn’t always how it will happen.  I need to be flexible.

Now that we’ve made a decision and have a date in mind I can really feel the dream taking shape.  I’m excited and more than a bit scared.  There is so much to do to make it work, but it’s not some fuzzy dream that I can’t quite make out.  It’s real and touchable.  I just need to stretch to reach it more.

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