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The secret of why most people fail to get to their dreams

By Kirsty / February 3, 2014

If having dreams is something we all do, and most of never get there, why do most people fail?  What is it that makes some people reach their dreams, that the vast majority of others don’t?

I believe strongly that making a effective start is the best way to go about it and will maximise your chances of getting to that finishing line.  So what is an effective start?

I think that most things can be explained in an analogy, so here goes.  I do like my analogies, almost as much as I like inspirational quotes!

The path of life

Imagine you’re on a footpath.  You look up and see a sign post with different directions on.  You’re not quite sure the exact path you want to take, but you know which outcome looks like it fits with you most.  Let’s just imagine your goal is like mine, and you want to travel.  You head off in the direction that points ‘lifetime of travel and adventure’.

After a while you get to some forks in the road, but  because you’re not sure exactly of where you’re headed, you can only go down the path that looks the most attractive when you get there.  Perhaps you’ll go down the light and airy path that has many people walking along it with you rather than the dark and woody path that no-one seems to take.

This can go on and on, but it’s ok because we’re heading in the right direction and we know that the big dream, the big goal and our destination is in our minds, we’ll get there eventually.  Except for some people you just don’t.  Sometimes you don’t realise that the paths that you take are heading you away from the big dream, you thought you were going the right way, but you weren’t.  Sometimes you just end up feeling lost.  That doesn’t mean it’s not a fulfilling life, full of fun and enjoyment, but it might mean that you never get to do that big thing that you wanted.

Now imagine you started again and this time had a map planned out.  You know that you want to travel, but more, you narrowed it down and decided you wanted to have an adventure for a year.  You now know which area of the broad destination of travel you need to head to, you can pinpoint it on your map.  You know which paths you need to take, you know what might be difficult, and you know what might be scary.  You set off and even though everyone seems to take different paths than you are, you know that it’s ok and the path that you’re on will get you to where you want to be.  It’s scary and tiresome and lonely sometimes, but you have your map, you have your goal.  You’ll get there.

Can you see why I believe that making an effective start is the most important thing you can do?  Can you see that planning your dream, defining it, can help you get there so much quicker?  I know life’s not quite as simple as walking down a path, but if your dream is calling to you and wanting to be reached then please have a think about the person on the path and think about which journey you want to take.

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