Why you shouldn’t hope for a lottery win

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We’ve all done it, we’ve all wished for our numbers to come up and for us to be the recipients of a windfall.  It seems like it would completely solve all our issues and our dream lifestyle would just land in our lap.  Perfect!  So why do I think that hoping for it to happen is a bad idea?

Lottery wins are rare

The chances of winning the lottery are so low that we could wait and wait our entire lives for them to happen and they just might not happen.  I know that someone has to win and maybe it could be you, but there are still some other reasons why I think we should just ignore lotteries and opportunities for windfalls.

Your dream gets relegated

By wishing for a lottery win, you then tend to think that if only you can win, your dream can happen.  So subconsciously you begin to not chase it.  You end up just hoping that it will happen on that magical day, so there’s no need to work hard for it.  Your dream also begins to take on unreachable status since instead of focusing on what you can achieve you focus on what you’ll be able to do if only you have the money and the time to throw at it.


It can be a sign

I’ve noticed that whenever I am dreaming of that lottery win, it’s been a sign of something.  It’s like deep down I know I’m not doing enough to get me what I want and so I begin to look for a cheat.  I feel that life is getting me down so much that I am reaching out for some help.

Now if I begin to wish for a lottery win, I know something is up so I take a good look at my life and see what it is that I am feeling trapped with and I work on what I can do to escape it.  I know that I could win the lottery and it would all be better, but the chances are that I will see a quicker result if I just take charge myself and make some changes!


Work on doing, rather than hoping

A friend of mine always talks to me about what he’s going to do when he wins the lottery, trips to Italy feature highly, and I always feel like shaking him and saying ‘if you want to go, then work on going, don’t work on hoping’.  Life is too short to just hope our dreams will happen.  If you want something go for it!

“If you want to go, then work on going, don’t work on hoping to go.”   Tweet this!

So many dreams are put aside because we think that aren’t reachable, that they aren’t available to us unless  we manage to get some helping hand.  What we fail to realise is that inside each of us is a helping hand that is just as great as the lottery win.  We can reach our goals, we just need to focus on doing it rather than hoping for it.


7 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t hope for a lottery win”

  1. Hmm. I love the idea about it being a sign. I think that’s totally true. I’d still love to win the lottery :), but I think I’ll pay attention to what’s going on at a deeper level next time I feel like buying a ticket.

    1. lol, I do think it’s easier for me since I don’t actually play the lottery! It’s a hard habit to break when you have your own numbers and want to see them come up! Thanks for the comment Leanne!

  2. LOL, I hear so many people saying “if I win the lottery…” yet they never even buy a lottery ticket! I think they just got used to say this to the point where it doesn’t even make any sense to them to the others around them 🙂

    Loved your post, Kirsty, and had fun reading it 😉

    1. yes agree! So much so that whenever people start talking about what they’ll do when they win the lottery, the first response seems to be always ‘do you play the lottery?’ Thanks for the comment Delia!

  3. So true! It’s become such a part of our small talk expressions! I often wonder how much an individual person could spend on lottery tickets and never win. Great post, Kirsty! Makes me want to really pay attention the next time I’m fantasizing about something ~ what that might really mean! xoxo

  4. Great post. Hoping has got a hint of fear attached to it, and fear never works in positive manifesting of reality. But when you get to work to achieve something, you are taking positive action, so you can create an outcome. Hoping without action is lacking real belief that it will happen, because if the belief was sound, action would follow as a matter of course!

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