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Hi there and welcome to Untrapped Life! I’m really pleased that you have found your way here!

Is this you?

If you are yearning to begin those dreams that have been nagging at you for some time now then you’re in the right place.

Untrapped Life is home to inspiring stories and actionable tips for people who are unfulfilled in life, feeling a bit trapped and who are ready to escape normal and live their dreams.

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If you’d like to know a little bit more about me then click here.  I also post randomly with how I am getting along with my dreams in the My Story category.

Some of my most popular posts:

1. Why you should let go of perfection and take the leap
2. Why you shouldn’t hope for a lottery win
3. I wish I was as brave as you

I also host a podcast that has been listened to more than 90,000 times (yikes!) and you can see all the episodes by going here.

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Kirsty Bartholomew

Work with me

I know first hand how your dreams can be propelled forward by working with like minded people.

For that reason I work one on one as part of my mentorship programmes.  Spaces are extremely limited – click here to check out what I offer!

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