Starting a podcast

Below are some of the courses and equipment I have ACTUALLY used to get my podcast going and to the stage it is at now.  I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t personally used.  This page is a work in progress and more may well be added.  Links are affiliate links so I’ll be compensated for any purchases you might make and I thank you if you do that!

Podcasting Courses

Create Awesome Interviews – This is a fantastic course run by the amazing David Siteman Garland.  I will do a proper review one day (actually I have done one now on my personal site), but I have had this course for just a couple of days and already I’m gaining a huge amount of help from it.  If you’re thinking about doing a podcast or a video show and want to interview people then I’d highly recommend it.


Podcasters Paradise – One of the things that I have found incredibly useful is community.  The other thing I have found extremely helpful is consistent advice.  You can get both in bucket loads from John Lee Dumas who runs Podcasters Paradise.  It’s a lifetime membership and I really have found it invaluable.  I’ve written a fuller review of it here if you’d like to look.  If you click the banner below you can find out all about it and sign up (he also runs a weekly free webinar which is totally worth an hour of your time and you can get a feel for the course)



This is the microphone I use.  There are some excellent reviews for some bigger models around, but really I was attracted by the size of this microphone and wanted something I could take with me when I am travelling so I can still podcast.  It’s called a Samson Go Mic and is really tiny!


Podcast Editing

I’m now offering podcast episode editing so if you’re starting a podcast and are finding it a little bit overwhelming then get in touch.  I can bring all your audio files together and make it into the final product ready to upload.    I only have a few spots available, so don’t delay!


Coming Soon

I’m currently working on some podcast training and you can sign up here to get the news when the site goes live.  It will be for those who want to add podcasting to their existing business, but want to do it simply and without making it too complicated.

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