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my storyIt’s been a little while since I posted about how I’m doing with MY dreams. I want everyone who comes here to realise that I too have dreams, I still work at them and even though I’d say I was a success at achieving my dreams, it doesn’t stop there!

One of the things that I encourage people to do when they are beginning their journey is to find like minded people. I did this when I was in the starting phase of preparing to travel and am still doing it with my travel phase now.

So, since I also have another dream which is being an entrepreneur and building a business up, I figured I should be doing the same thing in this area of my life. And WOW what a difference it has made!

It’s taken some time, some going from group to group, trying to find out where I belong and who I have things in common with, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable in the places I’ve found now and I believe it’s going to make such a difference to my dream.

Having people who believe in you, don’t think you’re daft and who have been there and done that is so important, even more so when your dream is slightly off the normal route people take in society.

So, what have I done to get this going. Well, I’ve joined some podcasters groups which were a great introduction to some people, and also, because it wasn’t a free group, but part of a programme, it meant that the majority of people in there were serious. This is what I needed. I’ve made connections, chatted to a few people on Skype, interviewed a few for the podcast and just enjoyed getting to know people who are at the same stage or just ahead of me. I’ve made some great friends already.

I also have just joined a mastermind, which is kind of the same thing, but means a smaller group of people really working on something similar and we have weekly hangouts on Google to motivate and ask questions with the person who runs it, who is a person with immense experience in business. I’m also dipping my toe in the water with some one on one business coaching. I’m excited to see where this takes me, I hear all the time that we should invest in ourselves and our progress but I’ve never felt like I could do it before. But now is the time!

I’m also excited to have started up my YouTube channel, spurred on by friends and specifically Chris Cerrone, a fellow podcaster who started a challenge to get people out of their comfort zones and into imperfect action.  I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to do some videos if it wasn’t for this. Here’s the first video I did:

So all very exciting and feeling like we’re going in the right direction. Watch this space!

I’m also considering setting up a Facebook group as a place I can get to know other dreamers, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Still pondering on it!

People will move your dream forward in ways that you never knew!

2 thoughts on “My story – the power of people”

  1. Oh please do start a group for other dreamers, I would be there in a heart beat! I”m feeling a tad frustrated, I have some dreams that I am totally committed to realising. I have met some onspiring people, most of whom are much further down their path than me. Then there are others around me who are very much living life in the normal swing of things and I’m getting a feeling are starting to look at me like I am sprouting another head! I don’t want to try and dim my light, but kind of feel like I have too. It would be amazing to have a forum to connect with outher people that are reaching for the stars too. Lovig our podcasts too by the way, so inspired and it takes my breath away how so many of the people that you have interviewed touch on things that I have been pondering and dreaming of recently.

    1. thank you so much for that comment Jamillah – I’ll let you know as soon as I create the group. It’s hard to forge a path that goes against the flow, and that’s why I really recommend connecting with like minded people. You’ve spurred me on to create it now!

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