UL 29 – Talking doubts and being our best selves with Jared Easley


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Jared Easley is the co-founder of The Podcast Moment which is taking place this summer, but he’s never put on a conference before in his life.  How did he get over the doubts and move forward with his dream?  We talk about that, family, and his podcast Starve the Doubts on today’s show.


Current Business

  • Starve the Doubts podcast
  • VAGameplan
  • Podcast Movement!

Up and Coming in the next year

  • The Podcast Movement conference is in August 2014.  Who knows where that is going to lead?


If you want to let Jared know that you enjoyed this show then give him a shout by tweeting him!  You can do so by simply clicking here  – it’s already written out for you!

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