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Are you waiting for the Universe?

By Kirsty / January 27, 2014

I remember when I first heard about the power of the Universe and how if you asked for things they would find their way to you and about how sometimes the universe will guide you away from things that you shouldn’t be spending time on.  I was hooked.  I loved the idea of it all and I tried to embrace it.

Although I think I still believe that the mystical powers of The Universe are at work in some way, I have begun to question some things, or perhaps maybe my reaction to asking the universe for help.  I’m no expert on these matters, but feel quite strongly that there are some lessons we can all learn regardless of what your beliefs are.

Just asking will not get you there

Asking is an important part of reaching your goal.  You need to put it out there, you need to make it public.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that that is all you need to do.  You can’t ask to be rich and expect to wake up the next day with a cheque in the mail.  I guess it could happen, but it’s unlikely!  You need to ask and then open yourself up to receive what’s coming back.  And here’s the thing – what’s coming back most likely won’t be what you asked for.  It will likely be an opportunity, or a chance meeting with someone.  It could be something that is completely unrelated to what you’ve asked for but in some way will push you forward.

Just asking is not enough.  Recognition and action is what will propel your dream forward.  Nothing will be easy when you strive for your dreams, that’s why they are dreams!

Is the universe testing you or telling you to quit?

I have encountered loads of brick walls in my life.  Loads of times when things got too tough and I quit heading towards one goal.  We all do it, we all make choices as to where we put our energies.  It’s not wrong to quit either, so long as you quit for the right reasons.

I had a big dream that I quit not long before setting off on the path to reach my travel goal.  Everything seemed to be against me doing it, everything.  Every way I turned I saw brick walls or a path that was not pleasant to walk along.  I thought about it and decided that the universe was telling me to quit.  It was telling me to turn around and try something new.  I did, but it felt awful to give up.

It’s not one of those dreams that I felt ok about giving up and in retrospect I questioned whether the universe really did tell me to give up, or if it was just testing me.  Was it just seeing if I was worthy of it?  Then I read a post by a good friend of mine about resistance (if your dream is business related do take a look at her site!) and my word did it ring true!  I think I will always question blocks in my way now and strive to not let them get the better of me.

What do you think?

What do you think?  Do you believe we all can forge our own paths and outside influences have nothing to do with it?  Do you think there are forces guiding you and that is why you haven’t managed to get to where you want to yet?  Is it all just in our heads?


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