What is an Untrapped Life?

An Untrapped Life is a free life.

(um, yeah thanks for that, I didn’t get it at the start!)

Hmm, perhaps it may be obvious what I’m trying to help you achieve here, but what actually is it to be free?  Is it even something you should be aiming for?

Freedom is choices

If you’re lucky enough to live in wealthy ‘free’ countries such as the UK or the USA, to name just a couple, you probably already count yourself as free.  Yes we’re incredibly free, but you may well be surprised how easy it is to become trapped in a ‘free’ country.

Have you ever wondered why so many people in developed nations are unhappy?  Perhaps they are not as free as they thought, their wants and desires, their dreams aren’t easy to get.

Every thing that you decide to do in your life curtails some choices.  You decide to go to college to study medicine?  You might have just shut the door on your choice to be a farmer.  You decided to have kids?  It’s much harder to choose a nomadic life wandering the earth.

These curtailments can’t be helped and do shape who we become in life.  We can’t go through life keeping every single door open.  But is it these choices  that make people unhappy and feeling trapped?  I’d say mostly not.

It’s the more superficial decisions that trap us.  The decision to buy that flat screen television on credit which ties you into a payment plan for the next 3 years.  It’s the decision to buy things and fill up your home with trinkets so that you then spend hours of your life tidying, sorting and cleaning.

It’s even the decision to watch television every day.  Our lives are finite and if you spend hours and hours frittering it away, you curtail a choice to spend your life following your dream!

When you have choices you feel free, you feel like you can do anything.   You have the dream to set up a business in your spare room?  Great, until you see the spare room is full of junk and that choice is harder to materialise.  You want to travel the world for a year?  Go for it!  Until you realise that the payment plan for the credit card still needs to be paid.

An Untrapped Life is striving to be free of these ties.  Striving to make our life available to whatever options come along.  Making ourselves be able to say ‘YES’ when it matters.


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