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When you go to the local police station or fill out an online request on their website, you’re probably going to get a police check without incident. That’s required of all citizens above age eighteen who wish to obtain a copy of their police check report. A police check can show many things, including traffic violations and criminal convictions. A police check can also reveal whether you were arrested for DUI in California, have a concealed weapon or have outstanding warrants.

It doesn’t end there. A police check can reveal if you have been convicted for rape, murder or domestic violence, child abuse, and other crimes. If you have been arrested, don’t think you’ll be exempted from these things. In fact, almost all crimes will be recorded on your police records. So what do you do then?

If you have not been convicted of any crime, you might not consider this an important decision. Even if you have, this decision could make all the difference. Employers may be concerned about you being a sex offender in large cities like Los Angeles. If you’ve ever been arrested or convicted of a sex offense, your application for a job could be turned down. This is just one of many police checks.

It’s not hard to see. Any potential employer will see your criminal history if you don’t have a police background check. Even if you are a good employer with a clean record, past mistakes could catch up to you. You should always have a police check on you. You never know when your past could come back to haunt.

It’s even more important to have a police check in case you apply for a position with the armed forces. The armed forces take a lot of fraud and other types of criminal acts seriously. They closely monitor their personnel. Even those who are convicted of crimes against humanity face the possibility of a trial-martial. If you have been accused of a crime, you could face the possibility of going to prison in a military trial.

But what about people who aren’t serving in the military. How do you find out if a potential employer checks your police record? The short answer is: When you get your police check, the check will include a statement from the local police station that tells you whether or not the record is in order. If it’s not, it will go into the police database. That’s all. To be able to start working in a new place or state, you’ll need to have your criminal record expunged.

Some people worry that if they’re going to hire someone, a criminal record search might show up. This is simply not true. If the potential employer requests a police check, that’s a sure sign that it is true. If you have never applied for a job, and the job does not ask for one, you don’t need one (and no criminal record search would be done).

Accordingly, a police check is not a prerequisite for hiring. It’s not a requirement for the hiring process. It’s up to you to be concerned about whether your potential employer will review your records. Don’t let worrying about whether your record will “showup” stop you from applying for the job. You’ll discover that there’s not a legal reason for a cop check and that there’s absolutely no need.

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